Intelligent fašade - 2004

Ontwerp schetse Gevel concept Mechanics and Phisica (heatflow and noise reduction analyses)

3D computer graphics Definitief ontwerp, Gevelaanzichten Definitief ontwerp, Details

This concept was chosen out of 24 other fašade concepts which would be used as study material and tested for several study matters.
Finally a 4 membered team was formed to test it on issues like structural mechanics and building physics.
The concept of the fašade is build out of three layers. From outside to inside: a dynamic glass layer, a cavity with a sunscreen system in it, and a inside layer formed out of shifting wooden doors.
The outside dynamic glass layer can be opened, and set in any angle thinkable for a better architectural concept. This dynamic layer is needed for ventilation of the cavity in summer. In winter the air in the cavity will heat-up under influence of sunlight. This heated air will rise in the cavity and will be used for heating the office room's through a ventilation shaft in the floor. The sunlight protection system in the cavity can be winded up and rotated.

Het ontwerp voor het studieproject 'Intelligent Facade' is uiteindelijk de voorloper van project CAS: 'Climate Adpative Skin'.